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Defining the Adjacent Possible

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Accelerators & Bootcamps

H2L has run and advised several highly regarded accelerators. We leverage problem statements to globally source the best and brightest startups; surround them with world class mentors and investors and quickly advance in market validation and business development.

Tech Commercialization

H2L helps corporations commercialize internal IP via corporate accelerators. Additionally, we team with entrepreneurs to bring ideas to market from concept stage, pre-seed — all the way to resurrecting orphaned investments.

Tech Scouting

H2L leverages our vast startup, community, investor network and resources to find startups and solutions which address specific problems or opportunities for our corporate partners. We use this same capability to source startups for our accelerators, open innovation challenges and investor deal sourcing..

Entrepreneurial Ethos

We help big corporations think and act more like startups using lean methodologies, growth hacks and exponential best practices to advance products, new lines of business and the adjacent possible.

The Adjacent Possible

“The adjacent possible is a kind of shadow future, hovering on the edges of the present state of things, a map of all the ways in which the present can reinvent itself. The adjacent possible captures both the limits and the creative potential of change and innovation.”
—  Eddie Smith
At Horizon Two Labs we define the adjacent possible through the lens of the horizon innovation framework. The Three Horizons is a way of approaching different innovations efforts, from the incremental and disruptive to radical transformation. Our specialty is integrating the second Horizon into the enterprise, preparing the way to straddle immediate needs and long term vision.